About Jane

Jane Keeran has worn many hats during her life including wife, mother, corporate manager, realtor, Reiki Master, and jewelry artist.

Though many other women have had family and business experiences, it is Jane’s path to becoming a Reiki Master that is most fascinating. While growing up in Iowa among mid-western values and attending a traditional Christian church, Jane came to realize that she was somehow “out-of-place”. At an early age, she learned to “heal herself” of minor illnesses (colds, flu, etc.) simply by controlling her thoughts. She believed that illness was tied to a desire to avoid responsibility, and by recognizing the source of this desire, she was able to focus upon the issue and deny it as well as mentally “bring in healing energy”. The illness would soon dissipate – usually in a matter of hours.

Though Jane’s life was busy with family and work, all along she had an internal urging to explore her spiritual, metaphysical, and healing abilities. She read numerous works about “Seth”, “Ramtha”, Edgar Cayce, and others. She was especially interested in “the Law of Attraction” as expounded in books by Esther & Jerry Hicks, Rhonda Byrne, Mike Dooley. But it was her move to California that provided opportunities to grow spiritually.

After taking a new position in the San Francisco area, Jane explored her spiritual side and attained the following:

      • Reiki Master/Teacher
      • High Touch® Jin Shin Practitioner
      • Intuitive Readings
      • Aura clearing
      • Chakra balancing and clearing
      • Member of Centers For Spiritual Living (Golden Gate & Colorado Springs)
      • Ordained minister of Universal Life Church

Reiki practitioners believe in the invigorating and healing energies of natural stones and crystals. As a Reiki Master, Jane expansively learned about these stones and energies. Though Jane’s artistry began many years ago sewing outfits for her daughters and sewing matching outfits for their dolls. Now, as a Reiki Master, she had a new medium for her creative endeavors – stones and crystals. And it was the inspiration of friends that started her making jewelry.

Friends Kim & Bodie had a mine in the Colorado Mountains, and Kim was an expert at creating wire-wrapped jewelry. Though Jane learned from Kim and saw the potential of making jewelry, she wanted to learn more about it (and more and more and more). Learning through the internet as well as tapping into her own creative instincts, Jane came up with some unique styles in wire-wrapped jewelry that have delighted many. Today, Jane provides her unique creations for everyone to enjoy. But Jane’s jewelry has even more …

Because Jane’s jewelry workshop is in the midst of her Reiki room, all of Jane’s jewelry gets infused with Reiki energy every day. Not only does Jane’s jewelry have the innate energies of the stones and crystals that she wraps, they also carry Reiki healing energy from Jane.

Jane’s jewelry that appears in the gallery are unique but only examples. The ones in the images are often sold soon after the photo is taken. But you can reference any of them when requesting a unique creation of a similar stone.

Please contact Jane at jane.keeran@gmail.com to order a custom pendant, necklace, earring set, bracelet or other jewelry.