About Us

Our System

Chaostrology is a reconstruction of astrology based in science. However, rather than using Tropical Astrology principles (western astrology) which is ubiquitous throughout the western world, we incorporate principles of Sidereal Astrology which originated in India and is rare and little known in the western world. Where Tropical Astrology inaccurately locates planets due to ignoring the ‘axial precession’, Sidereal Astrology takes that into its calculations to produce highly accurate planetary positions which is critical for any version of astrology to be reliable.

Further, rather than the stars and planets affecting you, our system is based upon the ‘magnetosphere’ – the magnetic envelop permeating the Earth and its surroundings. We also integrate mathematical Chaos Theory – especially its tenets of ‘self similarity’ and ‘sensitivity to initial conditions’. As a result, our system is virtually a science since we rely upon scientific premises, have clearly defined terms, and most of all, have reproducible testcases which work extremely well and have done so for decades.

Our Story

By chance, John Keeran had an astrology reading by psychic Sharon Mann in 1986. Surprised by the accuracy, but dubious of the underlying reasons, John learned astrology from Sharon while looking for an alternative explanation. In verifying Sharon’s system, he soon found all of the planetary positions to be dramatically wrong by almost a full Zodiac Sign (25 degrees of error). After further research, he discovered a different form of astrology, Sidereal Astrology (aka eastern astrology), which accurately positioned all planets. The inaccurate version of astrology was named Tropical Astrology (aka western astrology). And the reasoning behind the two versions is explained in Wikipedia (see Wikipedia entry for “Sidereal and tropical astrology”).

Henceforth, John used a ‘crutch’ of changing the planetary positions by subtracting 30 degrees. And his readings immediately and dramatically improved. Soon after, he realized a potential relation to Chaos Theory. Later he suspected a tie with the Earth’s magnetosphere. Being busily employed during this time, John kept his new version of astrology on his ‘back burner’ though he sporadically did readings over the next two decades to test the new approach.

Semi-retired in 2014, John was able to devout more time to developing the system, and two others joined forces with him: Alicia “Cici” Dotson and Vicky Rockey. Together, they redefined and redesigned the system with increasing accuracy and easier to understand concepts. We have also found automated tools which accurately positions planets using true Sidereal calculations. Naming it ‘Chaostrology’ for the new emphasis on Chaos Theory, the system was vastly improved by our teamwork bringing Chaostrology to where it is today.

Meet the Team

Alicia “Cici” Dotson

Very much interested in metaphysical ideas, Cici was intrigued by Chaostrology because its accuracy was compelling. In trying to learn the system, she hit upon a key technique for reading the various astrological symbols of a chart. Looking at pair of symbols, Cici painstakingly showed that a chart can be accurately read by breaking the chart down into a pairs of symbols which we now call ‘couplets’.  

Vicky Rockey

One of John’s daughters, Vicky grew up with the faint whispers of astrology in the air.  She eventually became interested and is the one who reorganized the elements into ‘Triads’ whereby a planet, a Zodiac Sign, and a house are encompassed resulting in 12 triads.

John “JAK” Keeran

John is the catalyst that brought Chaostrology through the decades into the 21st Century.

NIf you would like a Chaostrology reading, please contact us at info@chaostrology.